Let’s Be Ready For The Extraordinary NA Elections

Let’s Be Ready For The Extraordinary NA Elections

What is happening?

On December 9, snap elections of the National Assembly are going to be held in the Republic of Armenia. 

Who are we voting for?

We will vote from these parties and alliances, which we will present in the order of their appearance on the ballot paper

The Republican party of Armenia

Citizen’s Choice Social Democratic Party

Armenian Revolutionary Federation Dashnaktsutyun

My Step Alliance

Bright Armenia Party

Christian-People Revival Party

National Progress Party

We Bloc

Orinats Yerkir Party

Sasna Tsrer Pan-Armenian Party

Prosperous Armenia Party

What needs to be done on election day?

Go to the relevant territorial electoral precinct with a passport or other identification document (identification card, biometric passport, temporary document replacing your passport or identification card, military certificate or military book).

FIrst, you must be registered at the site.

Then take the ballot of the 11 political forces and enter the voting booth.

The most important thing is going to happen in the booth. You are required to separate the ballot of the preceding political force and throw away the others (a separate box is offered which acts as a garbage bin, as these papers will be extinguished).

And on the opposite side of the selected ballot you have to specify the candidate that you prefer.

What if the voter makes a mistake while filling out the ballot, what should they do?

If they have made a mistake or have damaged the ballot, they may apply to the Chair of the Commission to receive a new ballot paper. The incorrectly filled ballot is immediately extinguished.

Is it possible to vote against everyone?

No, there is no such option on the ballot papers. Separating one of the 11 political forces ballots means to vote for them, even if you didn’t select any one of the candidates.

There is no line stating “against all” in the list of candidates.

The only option is to damage and invalidate the paper.

And if the voter is outside of the Republic of Armenia on election day, can they vote?

No. Only foreign diplomats working in Armenia’s diplomatic or consular missions, citizens on long-term business trips or students - soldiers may be eligible to vote abroad.

Also the employees of foreign legal entities registered in the Republic of Armenia.

Members of their household living abroad may vote with them.

If the voter cannot go to the polling station, how will they vote?

During the parliamentary elections, only citizens who are in inpatient treatment and cannot afford visiting a polling station can vote through a mobile box.

Also voters who are detainees or who are inpatient treatment at the military medical institution.

What should you do if you identify an election violation?

You can contact one of the observers and proxies in the polling station or call a hotline.

On election day there will be several hotlines including the Human Rights Defender’s Office - 116, Vanadzor Branch of the Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly Office - 080000001417 and  080000001211.

What should you reply if you are asked who you have voted for?

If they ask outside the polling station, you can answer according to your discretion.

And if you are asked at the polling station, avoid answering and remind the person asking you that their question is a violation of privacy law.

The confidentiality of the ballot for the elector is not only a right, but also a duty, whose negligence may serve as a basis for a lawsuit.