In The Library: Krist Marukyan

05.04.2019, In The Library

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation. Works for Media Initiatives Center.

The Head of COAF Smart Center Krist Marukyan attaches importance to the fact that the educational center is close to the rural community. This way, the world is coming to the village, not the other way around.

He says Smart Center is, first of all, an environment that shows the opportunities for solving problems through technology. And the problems can cross each other in a thousand and one options.

Krist Marukyan is confident that the flowing and smooth architecture of the center and the environment created by this look will allow children and teens to look at things that appear to be more inaccessible

And the goal of the center is to fill this flexible format with a daily routine of ideas and taste-forming content.

“In paraphrasing the famous saying, let my man be smart,” he joked.

In the drawer

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is a dream university. MIT has launched a special audio and video lectures section on chemistry, biology, economics, mathematics, physics and more. Lectures are free. All that’s left is for it to be provided and the internet used for opportunities of education.

Gegham Vardanyan

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