In The Library: Hrachya Hakobyan

22.02.2019, In The Library

Physicist by education, journalist by occupation. Works for Media Initiatives Center.

Member of the My Step faction, Hrachya Hakobyan, has put forward a draft law on advertisement, which will restrict the advertisements of bookmakers in the media.

Hrachya Hakobyan considers the claims that the law can affect the independence of the media as being unfounded.

He doesn’t understand how it’s possible to “connect the freedom of the press with the advertisement of gambling.”  

It is known that bookmakers are one of the leaders in online advertising and the media also lives off their money.

Hrachya Hakobyan says that even his sister’s, Anna Hakobyan’s, newspaper, Haykakan Zhamanak, is ready to discuss the idea of changing advertisers.

“It’s as though the media field depends on the totalizators, and if their activities are banned, that we will not have a media field,” he said.

He promised that the need for the draft law was caused not by the number of advertisement payment, but to fight against “the propaganda of gambling and betting.”

“This will have a long-term effect,” he assured. And as the goal hemarks the decrease of temptation, in order to make “this vicious phenomenon disappear.”

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